Tinnitus can be an extremely annoying ailment.

Tinnitus Talk

This is what I have learned from my Tinnitus.

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus may not be painful or life-threatening, but it surely is an extremely annoying ailment that can happen to anyone, in varying degrees, including the writer of this article.

It can best be described as a background ringing or hissing sound, somewhat distant, that seems to emanate from the ear(s), or from somewhere in the brain. Yes, it is not easy to pinpoint where it is coming from, though sufferers from it will most certainly say it is from the ears.

For those who have this condition, the ringing can come about at any time, no matter the activity, depending on each person, and to varying degrees of severity.

What to do first?

Upon noticing the ringing sound for the first time, and if it doesn’t go away by itself after some time, you should first see your family doctor who then might refer you to an ENT specialist doctor (Ear, Nose, Throat). He/she will run tests to see what the cause might be. Tests can include:

  • an examination of the ears for earwax, infection, etc.
  • a hearing exam.
  • imaging scans like MRI or CT.
  • physical movement of the eyes, neck, arms, etc.

Often times, a cause for your tinnitus is not found, but it is imperative to seek professional medical advice first when you begin noticing it.

What to do then?

The journey of training yourself will start. 

Yes, it is a journey and during this journey you will train yourself in how to live with tinnitus without it affecting your lifestyle. It may be that it cannot be overcome, but most probably its effect can be brought down to a manageable level in your daily life.

Let’s talk about what I did:

I have noticed that getting upset and stressed brings it about immediately. When this happens, it is a constant, faint ringing or buzzing sound that stays on for a few hours. It is irritating as heck, and one will not be able to concentrate properly on an assignment or activity and will feel distracted and miserable at all times.

In my case, I have learned to avoid getting stressed in the first place as best as I could. If it was unavoidable, I have trained myself to simply ignore the ringing. 

Yes, ignore it. Don’t think about it and assume it is not there. In the beginning, it will not be easy to do that, but with a bit of practice, you will be able to do it. If you find that you are unable to maintain serious concentration on an assignment at hand because of it, then take a break, and do something leisurely to distract your mind away from it. Find something that doesn’t require much attention. In my case, I would watch a movie. Often times, I would simply lie down and try to nap. The ringing will soon reduce and disappear, as suddenly as it had begun.

What else can you do?

  • Take up an exercise activity that you enjoy. Walking, bicycling, any exercise that is not too strenuous.
  • Take a shower. Water has an amazing feel on the body and mind.
  • Teach yourself meditation. Train your mind to focus on a certain image or a joyful past event. Dwell on it for minutes, then increase the duration in coming days. Force yourself to control the flow of thoughts in your mind. This will give you the training necessary to shift your mind away from tinnitus at will.
  • Teach yourself to be positive while realistic at all times and in all things. There is nothing like the power of positive thinking. It can do wonders to your well-being and your morale.
  • Sleep well. You need 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to wake up the next morning all fresh and energized. If you sleep less, say 5 hours, for days in a row, you will feel tired during the next day and easily irritable, which in my case will bring about tinnitus almost certainly. That is why I always try to sleep about 7 hours daily. You should too!
  • Drink plenty of water. 60% of the body weight of a human adult is water. The brain is 73% water, the lungs are 83%. It only makes sense that for the body to stay functional, a sufficient water intake is necessary throughout the day. Water hydrates and lubricates the body and can reverse aging.
  • Eat well. Make your diet healthy and balanced. This way you get the 5 major nutrients that your body needs: Carbohydrates (e.g. bread, rice, pasta), lipids (e.g. oils, seafood), proteins (e.g. meat, dairy, eggs), vitamins and minerals.

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