Things to do to be happy.

50 Things To Do To Be Happy, Relaxed or Inspired (or all 3)


Happiness is a reflection of the inner self. A person can be sick, poor, in mourning, facing problems in his life, but still he can keep happy with positive outlook for the future. Like many things, this kind of attitude can be acquired through a bit of self-training. Some people have it naturally but others need to develop it. 

Often it is the little things that can make us so. 

50 Things To Do To Be Happy


  1. A book. A good murder mystery, or perhaps a popular piece of fiction?
  2. A magazine. These are very underrated in my opinion.
  3. A comic. Anyone remembers those Archie comics? Anyone…?
  4. A newspaper. Who reads those anymore?
  5. This article! Continue reading it, there’s more goodness to be discovered!
Reading a book is surely one of the things to do to be happy, relaxed or inspired.


  1. A walk and smell the fresh air. Get that blood pumping and flowing!
  2. Your dog out for a walk. They need to exercise too, you know.
  3. Your partner out for dinner. I’m sure they’d love the attention.
  4. A shower. A long one; trust me, you’ll thank me later.
  5. An online course. LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy; need I say more?
Taking a walk is also one of the things to do to be happy and relaxed.


  1. A movie. Go and watch all the Harry Potter movies. Or all the Marvel movies. Go, go, go!
  2. A television show. Netflix is your best friend.
  3. A sports match. Or you can wait until the FIFA World Cup and pick something else to do.
  4. An esports tournament. Prepare to witness rage like you’ve never witnessed it before.
  5. A TED talk. I’ve always loved these; they are very informative and entertaining.


  1. To a friend. Strike up a conversation about your time at school together.
  2. To a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. You would have a lot to catch up on!
  3. To your parents. They deserve your attention, so get to it.
  4. To your grandparents. They deserve even more attention than your parents!
  5. To your siblings. They are your best friends in the world.


  1. Your parents you love them. They deserve it.
  2. Your siblings you love them. They also deserve it.
  3. Your crush you love him/her. They might not deserve it but go for it anyways.
  4. Your parents that you appreciate everything they did for you. They are awesome people.


  1. A language. Duolingo is a good resource for this!
  2. A new skill that relates to your career. This is important for your professional development.
  3. A new skill that does not relate to your career. Very important for personal development!
  4. A new hobby. Photography is a good choice. So is writing!
  5. Something! Just do it, as Nike says.


  1. To a podcast. Again, this is a very underrated form of entertainment.
  2. To music. Just don’t listen to songs about sadness.
  3. To guided meditation. YouTube is your friend.


  1. About what you want to achieve in the future. What are your goals in life?
  2. About what your parents went through to raise you. Appreciate everything they’ve done.
  3. About your overall mental health. It is a powerful force in this world.
  4. About your overall physical health. Exercise, exercise, exercise!


  1. A video game. Popular choices include Fortnite, Pokémon, and Mario!
  2. A board game. Switch off the electronics and play some good old Monopoly.
  3. With your children. Get some Jenga blocks or Legos; they’re sure to love those.
  4. With your pet. They are precious; give them your attention.
  5. A sport. I personally recommend racket sports.


  1. Something that matters. Take a break from material possessions.
  2. Some snacks. Oreos!
  3. Comfort food. Nostalgia galore.


  1. Chocolate. You know you want to.
  2. Popcorn. You still know you want to.


  1. Your room. Don’t think about it. Go and get it done, you’ll feel much better afterwards.
  2. Your workspace. Get rid of the papers you no longer need and declutter your desk.
  3. Your diary / to-do list. An organized to-do list helps you prioritize your responsibilities.
  4. Your email. It must be done, unfortunately. Spend some time emptying your inboxes.


I hope you liked the list.

Of course, each person can draft his own. Do this exercise, and you will see that it will force you to think about what is important in life. You can update the list every so often, shedding what starts to look insignificant and adding new ideas.

With time, you will end up with a list that you could refer to whenever you feel in need of inspiration.

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